Freakin’ big waste of money (the Devil made me do it)

We arrived back at The Mirage about 8pm and as I had had so much sleep I was ready to party!!  I was still feeling cold so I left Peter in one of the bars to have a quick shower. I thought I he may have been lonely without me so I rushed back to join him but he was very happy admiring the ample cleavage (obviously fake) of the young waitress. 

Just as a side note, there are hundreds of TVs everywhere you go but all they show is American football (sometimes but rarely a baseball game) and everyone is glued to the sets - except Peter. 

IMG_1071.JPG’s our last night in Vegas so I decided it was time to have a flutter.....while Peter went to explore Caesars Place for something to eat.

Although I quite enjoy casino games like blackjack and roulette, it was all a bit too rich for me so I decided that I would sacrifice $100US to assist the casino kings to help their cause.... 

I first went to the cashier to ask how I can get some cash out - he suggested I go to the ATM (er - 3 ft away) and get a voucher to take back to him......I went to said ATM, asked for cash out and it wanted to charge me $8US fee,!  Outraged,  I cancelled and went back in to ask for a voucher to take to the cashier - this time $18US fee!  You probably have worked out which one I chose in the end.....

Like I said previously, there is a poker machine for every tv show, movie or celebrity on earth so it is very difficult to choose...Grover and I chose 1c Willy Wonka and then Anchorman


 I called the service button for a drink and when the drinks waitress finally arrived I ordered a double scotch on the rocks (smooth huh). Remembering what good friend Irish Trish advised, I prepared my tip - $5 for the first drink to keep them coming back. When she arrived with my drink I made the mistake of asking how much and she replied “whatever you want ma’am” I had $20 out ready to pay for the drink plus $5 in my pocket for the tip and I mistakenly gave her the $20.  I didn’t realise that the drinks were free if you were playing - you just tip the waitress!!! Needless to say, she was back within minutes with another drink for me already.........

$100 didn’t last that long of course so Grover and I called it a night and left the 1000s of others to make their contribution. 

Lisa Thomas