Freakin’ big bridge....and Bubba boo-boo


We’re on the road again down the freeway through San Fransisco to Monterey. The morning is a little chilly but not cold and the traffic is reasonably light.  As we would be crossing the Golden Gate Bridge it was mandatory to stop at the overlook on the northern side for a photo before crossing.  There was fog of course but we did happen to catch a fleeting glance of Alcatraz in the distance.

We crossed the bridge and made our way south to Monterey where we will stay for 2 nights...... 

After checking in, we walked about 1km to Fisherman’s Wharf where I will sit and write in a bar while Peter goes for a run and then we wander around, pick up some famous clam chowder for dinner and bar hop our way back to the hotel. 

The next day we planned  the John and Anne Craig recommended 17 Mile Road drive around the stately homes and golf courses of Pebble Beach  - and then we read that motorcycles were prohibited! Plan B - we would hire push bikes - actually they were e-bikes.

We took off from Cannery Row with a few quick instructions and directions....... 


......and 20kms later we arrived at Pebble Beach Golf Club


We did plan to stay for a drink, but the thought of riding 20kms back took the shine off that thought.  So after a short stay we made our way back on the road the way we came and after a few kms I started to struggle......that’s when Peter mentioned the throttle........I had the bike on assistance but I did pedal all the way and now after more than 20 kms of pedaling I’ve been told that I don’t have to pedal at all!  Needless to say the rest of the ride back was a breeze........

On return to Cannery Row it’s time for a late lunch/early dinner and I really wanted to go the Bubba Gump (for obvious tacky reasons). It was about 4pm and when we approached we were told that there would be at least a 40 minute wait to get inside - no suggestion of sitting at the bar to wait - and yet the place looked half empty.  We politely declined and went to another seafood restaurant that welcomed us immediately and put us on an awesome table over the water ( stuff you Bubba!)

Lisa Thomas