Freakin’ big ride over the freakin’ big bridge


After breakfast we made our first attempt to catch a bus into Fisherman’s Wharf - bit of a failure at first but after a long walk managed to get back on track.  Peter wanted to do a longish run as part of his marathon training so I decided to hire a bike to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and he would run.  Being a seasoned rider now, I decided I didn’t need an e-bike this time and immediately regretted it after the first incline (yeah, I walked the bike up the hill, the next and all others) When we reached the bridge it was shrouded in a thick fog and we had to separate - one side of the bridge is for bikes, the other side is for walkers/runners - so we agreed to meet on the other side. 

By the time I got over the bridge, my clothes were damp from the fog, I couldn’t see Peter and couldn’t work out where the walking side ended up (you can’t cross the freeway) so I headed down the steep path to the bottom (both brakes on all the way like a wimp). After another walked up hill and a few miles, I ended up at a junction and waited ( it was bloody hot) ...... after 10 minutes or so a couple of guys walked down the other road so I asked if they had walked across the bridge and they had so I knew that I was in the right spot to meet up with Peter.  I waited for about 30 minutes all up - there was no sign of him so I decided to ride on to Sausalito in case he was in front of me.

I waited in town for a while, checked the ferry terminal and then decided to start riding back to the junction when I saw Peter walking into town.  He had crossed the freeway via an underpass  to the bike side (not accessible for bikes as it is stairs both sides) , waited for me there and then ran down the same steep path thinking I might be waiting for him at the bottom. He waited down there for a while and when I didn’t show up, he thought he should run back up the hill to see if I was still waiting for him at the top.  It seems we had probably missed each other by minutes and after all the extra running up and down hills Peter was stuffed!

Sausalito was a pretty little town so we just stayed for a quick lunch before catching the ferry back to SF.

I returned the bike (am now back to thinking that cycling is not for me) and we decided to tick off another SF tradition - ride the cable car.  We had to queue for about an hour and it started to get colder - and Peter was still in his running gear.  We managed to get in a prime position- me on a side seat with Peter standing on the edge.  All Peter’s thoughts about the temperature disappears with the thrill of the ride!


We have better luck this time with the buses to get home - travelling through some questionable neighbourhoods - and listening to some very interesting monologues from some of the questionable passengers!  

It’s Saturday night and we spent it doing laundry, drinking and eating in a local bar and watching the LA Dodgers lose yet another game in the World Series to the Boston Red Sox (that’s baseball people!) 

Lisa Thomas