Service – or is it?

We’ve all experienced good, bad or indifferent customer service – but what have you ever done about it?

There are the obvious options – walk out without buying, tell your friends how bad it was, don’t return etc…….but how do you know that they have got the message?

I always try and put myself in the position of the business owner. Personally, I would like to know if a customer had a bad experience, the staff member involved, what actually happened etc. At least armed with some information, I could make steps to make sure that never happens again….or completely ignore the complainant as a complete nutcase, but at least I would know about it.

We all know that the customer is not always right, but there is merit in every customer complaint – even if it dealing with an unfair or unsubstantiated accusation. At the very least, we could learn more about how to deal with these complaints.

Have you ever complained about poor customer service? How was your complaint received and what was the outcome?

Disclaimer: business or individual names will not be published due to legal reasons.

Cristy Houghton