Customer Service – should it really be that hard???

How much does a smile and a friendly disposition cost? Nothing!!!

How much will a smile and friendly disposition gain you? How about relaxed and engaged customers, an invitation for customers to spend more time in your premises, an opportunity for additional sales, customer loyalty and a possible testimonial that will attract even more customers to your business. That means $$$

I have often been attracted to a business through advertising only to be let down by poor customer service by the staff…..leaving me disappointed with the product and the establishment and no sales for that business.

On the other hand, I have been happy to spend more when I have received exceptional customer service – it provides me with more confidence in the product knowing that I have been treated well thought the purchasing process.

I encourage to share your experiences with customer service – good or bad, from the giving or receiving perspective – and let’s see if we can change the culture.

Disclaimer: business and individual names will not be published for legal reasons

Cristy Houghton