Have you made customer service a priority in your business?

Recently I addressed a small group of  business owners and asked "Who here employs customer service staff?"  No hands.

I then asked, "How many of you employ staff?"  Most hands went up.

Then, "How many of you have customers?"  All hands went up

"Do your staff deal with customers?"  Heads nod.....and then there's the realisation.

If you employ staff and they are engaging with your customers, how important is it to your business that they have excellent customer service skills?

Often employers recruit people with the right qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience but it is just a given that they have the ability to engage appropriately with customers.

Customer service is a skill and as a business owner you are entrusting your most precious commodity - your current and future customers - to the people you employ.

Businesses invest time and money in producing quality products and services, advertising and marketing to attract customers, but what happens when the customer walks in the door?

You can have the best quality or cheapest prices, but poor customer service could be losing you money.

96.7% of customers who have received poor customer service never inform the business of their bad experience, but they will tell 15 others.

What are customers saying about you?

Have you made customer service a priority in your business?

Lisa Thomas